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Tutu Scents

Golden Intentions

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This candle is for those who have hit a fork in the road, but continue to trust God because you know what he is capable of. To have faith as pure as gold, means that you believe we have an amazing God that can move the heaviest mountains for us.

Prayer: "No matter what trials and tribulations I may face, I trust that my God will move the heaviest Mountains for me. My Faith is as strong as His intentions to never leave me nor forsake me."

Fragrance:  Black Violet + Saffron

Made with all natural soy wax blend, our candles are 100% eco-friendly, renewable, American grown that will leave you with a clean and slow burn. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Connie Wright
Awesome fragrance

I love this candle so much. I’m constantly moving it through the house when I move around - in office while I work, in the bathroom when I take a bath, anywhere I want to feel relaxed because the scent just fits! If I could burn it in the car I probably would ;)

Rachael Stevens

I like how you changed up the scents. This scent is not one of my favorites due to the strong aroma but I was able to gift to a friend who loved it. You have a variety for everyone to choose.