So you got your Tutu Scents Candle. YAY!

But what does that "I'm still curing" duster mean?

We will still be making bulk candles before hand that are ready to be shipped! We also will be making fresh batches ready to be shipped during our normal processing-shipping timeframes . The only difference is if your candle has this duster, we ask to wait until specified date to light that bad boy up!

We use 100% Soy Wax, and in order to receive a strong fragrance performance, it needs to cure for about 1-2 weeks after we make them. The longer you wait, the better your candle will smell! 

We are able to accomplish two things here: 

Less frequent "Sold Out" Items-- unless we completely do not have other materials to create a specific item. 

You receiving your items as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy it once the curing time is over!

Please note that this will not be all candles....we will still have batches pre-made, we just want to make sure that we are creating based on customers needs :) 

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